Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't We All Just Hate Pricks? oh yea, and nice to meet me.

I'm new... obviously. First blog. Let's get to it. No small talk and stuff. I'm from Colorado and no, I've never been skiing or snowboarding or anything like that. I actually hate cold weather. What else is weird for a Coloradoan? I hate hiking. I HATE IT WITH A PASSION! Is there anything worse than hiking? No. It sucks! I like Colorado though, I'm just more of a beachy/ocean person. I'm not that weird though because this last week I was talking to someone from Denver and they've been skiing or anything either. So yea, misconception.

I'm a student at the University of Northern Colorado. It's got good professors believe it or not but it's one of those universities that except people with a GPA of .00001 who would major in licking ketchup off the floor of a McDonald's while drunk. Don't believe me? This is prick number 1. This is also part of a real conversation I eaves dropped on. One girl (yes pricks are not strictly guys!) was positively bragging about how she got so wasted at a party that she went to McDonald's and found herself licking ketchup off the floor! Well, all I can say to that is I feel a little better knowing that if she didn't get cold sores before, she does now. Good ol' McDonald's.

Yes, yes this is long. One thing left. I Can Haz Beadz? If you must know, I have a jewelry shop online. Etsy to be exact. I spend llloooootttttssss of time on Etsy. It's sort of my Facebook, which, no, I don't have. Sorry. So, if interested, check out

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