Thursday, February 12, 2009

400 Person Dating Show? That's Entertainment!

I am completely ashamed to admit this but I'm just a little bit obsessed with VH1's dumb shows. I hate everyone on those shows but I still can't help myself. There is a trend I have noticed. On every dating show where the man is picking from an array of women there is always someone who is rumored to have a boyfriend. This is always a huge issue on the show and even the other contestants criticize them. Who cares! Did anyone stop to think about the fact that the guy they are competing for and supposedly in love with after meeting once is DATING ABOUT 20 OTHER GIRLS! Their "boyfriend" (the guy they're competing for) is making out, feeling up, making googly eyes with, and most likely having sex with them and several other girls including their friends and sometime siblings in the case of 2 shows in particular. Hypocrites anyone? If they really cared about fidelity the way they claim there would be no dating shows! Or, on the other hand, every contestant should be dating 20 people on the side. I personally would love to the latter. "I Love 400 Real Double Drunk Chances at Skanky Sex... Um... Love" Now it has a title and everything! VH1, what do you say?

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